Monday, August 2, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta - IndexedDB API

A few days ago, I had written about the hack that won us some cool prizes at the Yahoo Hack day India. Apart from FlickSubz, we also submitted a few more hacks. One hack that I started working on, but was unable to complete was trying to enable Indexed Database in YUI Storage.
Firefox 4 Beta 1 has a lot of interesting features for developers and one of the interesting ones was IndexedDB. Unfortunately, there is not much written about it on Firefox's blog. I could find just these articles.
I started to play around with IndexedDB and thought that it I could convert the code I wrote to examples for TrialTool. The example is located at and it has been pulled into TrialTool example list.

To see it working, download Firefox 4 Beta and hit in Firefox 4.
The examples are self explanatory and with the examples, you can look at the API of IndexedDB that is supported by Firefox.
If you want to create your own examples, use this link.

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